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Chirnside Master

Sleeps 2-4

Named after brothers, Andrew and Thomas Chirnside, who established Mount William Station in 1842, the Chirnside Master is a spacious, stately room with an accompanying ensuite bathroom, which includes a clawfoot bathtub, shower, and double vanity.

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Stately Luxury

  • Garden views
  • King sized bed
  • Claw foot bath
  • Heated bathroom floors
  • Access to:
    – two indoor sitting rooms
    – movie room
    – formal dining room
    – outdoor swimming pool and sauna
    – tennis court
  • Lake Anne
  • English-style gardens and herb garden
  • Helipad access (must be pre-arranged)
  • Complimentary wi-fi and car parking
  • Linen, towels, and bathrobes
  • The Grampians Goods Co. bathroom amenities
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron and ironing board
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Mount William Station was established in 1842 by brothers, Andrew and Thomas Chirnside, and the Chirnside family held the property until 1917. During this time, the brothers ran 100,000 merino sheep and built the woolshed in 1865. As racing and polo enthusiasts, they built the Bluestone Stables for their many successful horses, including Haricot the 1874 Melbourne Cup winner and the iconic Alice Hawthorn, a horse famous for representing Victoria in the 1857 race against NSW horse Veno, which set the foundation for Australia’s greatest race, the Melbourne Cup. This room has served as the primary guest room of the Homestead for all well-regarded overnight visitors throughout the years.

Coloqually known as the Big Spare Room, the lodgings often housed the most important guests of the Homestead, including dignaturies, international guests, and people of note.

A standout feature of the room is the original fireplace that has been restored with kiln tiles from the 1920s, reflecting the type of architecture and design that was popular at the time the Homestead was rebuilt.


From the polo sticks to the riding boots, the decor in the Chirnside Master highlights the long-standing connection between Mount William Station and polo. Not only were the Chirnside Brothers racing and polo enthusiasts, so were the Abbott and Barr Smith families.  The polo boots in room are from the collection of Charles Abbott riding gear, who was President of the Australia Polo Council from 1995 – 1998.

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Mount William revives the spirit, energises the soul through the surrounding nature, and nourishes the body with local, natural produce. Since 1842, it has welcomed family and friends to escape the city to reset, and in this next chapter, is now open for all to enjoy.

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Other Rooms

Uncle Jim’s Room

Sleeps 2

A cozy Queen room with views across the tennis court and swimming pool, back set by the Grampians mountains peaking over the stately hedges. A neatly formatted space, the bedroom still provides a double vanity sink and all modern amenities.

Stables Room

Sleeps 2

The bedroom takes its design influence from the nearby Bluestone Stables, witnessed through the glass french doors beyond the back lawn area. The room adjoins a large private bathroom with a clawfoot bath and overhead shower, a standout feature.

The Armoury

Sleeps 2-3

Originally the old Homestead’s office that housed a large safe and the Station’s firearms, the Armoury has both internal and external entrances, views onto the tennis court, and an adjoining oversized bathroom with a clawfoot bath.