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Wine & Dine

A culinary haven that delivers an unforgettable dining experience

Mount William Station is a culinary haven that delivers an unforgettable dining experience, courtesy of head chef, Dean Sibthorp.

Locally Sourced

Farm to Fork

When you book at the Homestead, you’ll enjoy a half-board package that includes a gourmet two-course dinner and café-style breakfast. Our dinner offering is different every evening and features a variety of dishes that showcase the best of seasonal ingredients, making it a true expression of the flavours of the Grampians.

At Mount William Station, we are committed to using only the freshest, most sustainable ingredients available. This means sourcing produce from neighbouring farmers and ingredients from local artisans whenever possible. Not only does this guarantee freshness, but also reduces our carbon footprint as well as supports local suppliers.

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Head Chef

With his masterful use of locally-sourced ingredients from artisan suppliers, the farm, and English gardens, head chef Dean Sibthorp creates dishes that are an exceptional blend of flavoors, textures, and aromas. Hailing from the UK, Chef Dean is a culinary virtuoso with a background in English-style gourmet cooking. His passion for cooking has led him to explore the different tastes and textures of locally-sourced produce from the region. Chef Dean’s philosophy is to use only the freshest, hand-picked ingredients, which is why he has established strong relationships with the best local farmers and growers.

Farm Goods

From eggs served at breakfast to the honey that sweetens your afternoon tea, we take advantage of the provisions sourced directly from our property whenever it’s possible. Every morning starts with farm fresh eggs laid by our lovely Isa Brown hens that roam the Mount William Station grounds, and in the evenings, dinner may include herbs and vegetables handpicked by our chefs directly from our gardens.
Pantry staples like olive oil and honey are also produced on the farm and available to purchase so that you can take the taste of the Grampians home with you. Our olive oil is hand-picked and cold-pressed from the 200 tree olive grove adjacent to the Homestead, and our single origin honey is harvested from 60 bee hives with third-generation beekeepers.

Local Suppliers

When goods are sourced outside of the farm, we strive to support local, family owned and operated, small businesses whenever possible. For example, our meats are from Pyrenees Premium Cuts a family owned and operated butcher from Avoca that is committed to support local producers in the Pyrenees region. Our dry goods and produce are from Natures Cargo, one of the largest privately owned regional food service distribution suppliers. Based in Ballarat, Natures Cargo has a very strong commitment to sourcing their products locally in Australia, then New Zealand, before looking overseas.

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Mount William revives the spirit, energises the soul through the surrounding nature, and nourishes the body with local, natural produce. Since 1842, it has welcomed family and friends to escape the city to reset, and in this next chapter, is now open for all to enjoy.

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