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Bluestone Stables

Bring your dream countryside event to life at the historic Bluestone Stables. Enjoy a intimate private dinner in the refurbished tack room and then dance the night away underneath the sparkling stars in the courtyard.

Elevated Country Venue

  • 190 people
  • 1,246 square metres
  • Private dining room
  • Bar
  • Front and back courtyards
  • Covered dining hall
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Recently renovated, the Bluestone Stables is equipped with a private dining room, bar, and covered event space that can host more than 150 guests. True to its name, the stables theme runs through the space, giving it an elevated country feel.

The perfect space for welcome drinks or the reception, the Bluestone Stables features a front and back courtyard, a bar area, a private dining room, and a covered dining hall. The versatility of the space is customisable to make your dream countryside wedding come to life.

Stables Bar

The Stables bar is a fully equipped bar to fulfil all your event needs. From wine to cocktails to beers on tap, whatever your drink of choice is, we can serve it with the warm, countryside hospitality that Mount William Station is known for. With the bar set to the back, the rest of the space can be customised to suit your event needs. Whether it’s a grazing table for your guests to enjoy, or cocktail tables to enourage mingling, the Stables Bar is the perfect spot to share a drink or two (or more!) Open the space up to include the front courtyard to give your guests both an indoor and outdoor place to socialize.

Front Courtyard

Located right next to the Stables Bar, the Front Courtyard is the ideal spot to soak up the sun and enjoy a drink. As part of the Bluestone Stables, this outdoor space embodies a countryside venue and is ready to be customized to fit your events requirements. From outdoor furniture to lights, we’ll work with you to create a social space to keep the party going long after the sun has gone down. Rustic and historic, the Front Courtyard is the ideal location for a cocktail hour or pre-ceremony drinks.

Tack Room

Hidden to the side of the Stables Bar is the Tack Room, a beautiful room traditionally used to store riding equipment. While the room still houses some tack as decor, it has been transformed into an intimate private dining room area. The Tack Room can host up to 30 guests at a long table and is perfect for gourmet set menu style dinners or more cozy, family-style meals. Include the Stables Bar as a pre-dinner drink area and then move into the Tack Room for a sit-down dinner. The two spaces adjoin seamlessly to allow guests to enjoy both areas as the event progresses.

Back Courtyard

Behind the arch in the Front Courtyard is the Back Courtyard area. An open space to make your own, the sky’s the limit on customization options. With the Front Courtyard and Stables Bar to one side and the covered Dining Hall on the other, this site can be mixed-and-matched with the other Bluestone Stable’s features to create your dream event venue. The archway connecting the Front and Back Courtyards can be kept clear to give guests the freedom to wander through the space as the evening progresses, or it can be blocked off to create a multi-room experience.

Dining Hall

Along the back of the Back Courtyard is the Dining Hall, a covered area that is open to be configured to whatever seating plan is best suited for your event. An airy and open space, it can host up to 144 guests. Whether you’re looking to host a sit-down dinner, or open up the space for mingling, or even a dancefloor, the Dining Hall is the perfect space. The Dining Hall opens up to the Back Courtyard on one side and it’s high ceilings give it an airy, outdoor feel, while the roof will keep guests dry in the case of unfortunate weather.

Once a feed room, the Bluestone Stables bar has been reinvented into an event space with all the modern amenities while maintaining its authentic bluestone aesthetic. Reminders of the its history can be seen throughout the space, including the clothes dryer imported from the UK and the paintbrush maker. The paintbrush maker would cut horses hair to the correct length to create natural bristle paintbrushes.

The bar in the Bluestone Stables is made of recycled timber from a red gum tree that had fallen on the property. Known as the “red whale” due to its size, the fallen tree was milled on site and was split up by the Abbott siblings to mark 100 years of Mount William Station. The owner of the Homestead, Will Abbott, turned his slab into the Bluestone Stables bar where it has been sealed with beeswax from the property.

During the renovations, the local tradesman left his mark in the Bluestone Stables – a bullet. Left as a hidden trademark, the bullet is waiting to be discovered by guests and the search for it is the perfect way to enterain the entire family.

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Mount William revives the spirit, energises the soul through the surrounding nature, and nourishes the body with local, natural produce. Since 1842, it has welcomed family and friends to escape the city to reset, and in this next chapter, is now open for all to enjoy.

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