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Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

Meticulously kept, the lawns of Mount William Station are lush, green, and surrounded by stately hedges and greenery all around.

Stately and Lush

  • Up to 190 guests
  • Five acres
  • Front lawn
  • Side lawn
  • Gardens
  • Golf course
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Framed by expansive hedges, five acres of meticulously manicured green lawn space is yours to customize to your liking. Expansive and vast with lush, century old trees spotted throughout, the Lawn is a beautiful backdrop for any event no matter how big or small.

Whether you want to an enclosed marquee or keep it outdoors, the Lawn is the perfectly place to host your guests. With the Homestead’s iconic arches to one side, the impressive hedges to the other, and the Grampian mountain ranges in the background, there’s no location more picturesque.

Front Lawn

Spread directly in front of the iconic Homestead arches, the front lawns are a picturesque location to host your event. As one of the largest and expansive outdoor spaces on the property, it can be customized to fit your event, no matter how big or small.

Side Lawn

The Side Lawn is an intimate area surrounded by grand hedges. Located to the far side of the Homestead, the hedges provide a private enclave on the lawns for your event to take place.

Golf Course

A guest favourite for a recovery day activity or games day, the golf course is located adjacent to the front lawn. Whether you’re playing friendly rounds with your loved one, or you prefer to let the competition heat up, the golf course is the perfect area for a field game.


The famous Mount William Station gardens are a haven for gardeners and floral appreciators alike. Surrounded by stately green hedges, the gardens are home to a variety of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Ideal for a photoshoot or smaller event, the gardens are a stunning backdrop to your Mount William Station event.

Outdoor Pool & Tennis Court

Want a one-of-a-kind event space that will excite your guests? Look no further than the outdoor pool and tennis court! Whether you want to serve drinks by the pool, have a cool photo op on the tennis courts, or host a recovery day for your guests to relax, this sporty, outdoor space is yours to make your own.

The pool is lined with lounges and umbrellas for your guests to relax on and even has a poolside bar that can be set up. The tennis court next door is the perfect arena drinks, where a bar can be set up with high tables to encourage mingling. If more space is needed, the lawn space adjacent to the pool can also be used.

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Mount William revives the spirit, energises the soul through the surrounding nature, and nourishes the body with local, natural produce. Since 1842, it has welcomed family and friends to escape the city to reset, and in this next chapter, is now open for all to enjoy.

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